Karl van Baggem / Michelin Star Restaurant De Hoefslag

“We are using EasyCandle for a while now. What a beautiful, practical and good product! Beautiful soft licht, attractive, hardly any difference with a real candle, userfriendly, no dirty candlelights anymore and it also saves money!”

Jeroen Plugge / Restaurant Bis

“No more hassles with candle wax for me and I don’t have to buy candles ever again. Easy Candle is very friendly in use and certainly gives a very cosy atmosphere.”

Martijn Afink / Mercure hotel aan de Amstel Amsterdam

“We recently started using the Easy Candles in our restaurants and are very satisfied about this. Easy Candle is easy in use, provides cosy lighting and we have no more candle wax on the tables! And, it earns back itself in due course!”

Kin-Pong / Mercure hotel The Hague

“We have been using Easy Candles for a month now and are very pleased with the product. It’s easy in use and burns long enough to last all night. Most importantly, our guests also appreciate the Easy Candles and have been inquiring where they can purchase them!”

Ronald Inklaar / Restaurant Mero

“I am very content with Easy Candle. I wish you had come five years earlier with this wonderful product!”

Aran Harash / Novotel hotel The Hague

“Our interest in Easy Candle began as part of our environmental agenda during our ‘Earth Check’ certification process. We were happy to realize it's also far more practical, safe and cost effective than any other option in the market.”

Fred Plug / Bistro Le Café

“No more candle wax spills, beautiful cosy lighting and the air is much cleaner.”

Dirk van Waasbergen / Restaurant Het Heden

“The Easy Candle candles provide nice warm lighting. They last all day and I am happy to be rid of the real candles. They are absolutely perfect!”

Peter Veeman / Restaurant La Galleria

“We like it a lot, much cleaner, no mess, clean air, hygienic and an end to the storage of boxes of candles. And it saves a ton of money!”